Elevator Pitch

Pop Quiz Hotshot, What Do You Do?

Creating Your Elevator Pitch…
It is one of the most fundamental “money making” skills you could learn as an entrepreneur and the art of the sale.

We’re social beings. We come in contact with numerous people throughout our day.
People who, when presented with a compelling, relevant offer, are perfect
candidates to give you money.

Your business thrives by having a steady flow of customers. Your elevator pitch or
30 second unique selling proposition, is one of the most effective and socially
accepted ways to strike up a conversation about your business and generate new,
FREE leads, with the added advantage of the personal touch;
e.g. [ know + like + trust ]

The whole concept is based on the scenario of being in an elevator with someone
and they ask you what you do. In the time it takes before the door opens you must
explain what you do in such a compelling way that, they want to know more and
potentially become a customer, or they know someone who is. Leading to the
exchange of business cards, contact info etc.

Benefit: You just generated a new lead – for free.

Here’s an example…
Let’s say you’re an article writer. You could say something like:

Hi I’m John. I help busy website owners outsource the tedious work of article writing and content creation to help boost their SEO rankings and generate more quality traffic, so they can focus on the important task of keeping their business profitable and enjoy the dot com lifestyle. Do you own a website?

In this example you have 4 key elements:
1. Empathize with your customer + push a pain element.
“busy website owner”

2. Present what you do as a solution.
“I write articles and content”

3. Instigate a pleasure point.
“I do the tedious work” + “you enjoy a profitable business”

4. Point out the most obvious benefit.
“I do the hard work so you can go play”

5. Ask for the opener.
“Do you need me?”

There’s another crucial qualifying piece here as well:
Are they a decision maker?

By asking if they “own” a website, you know you are talking to someone with the
power to make business decisions, i.e. give you money.
This helps overcome the challenge of getting past gatekeepers.

When you followup you can say “Mr. Smith is expecting my call.

:idea: One more important tip: Keep It Natural
You don’t want to sound like a drone. If your elevator pitch comes off as a
memorized monologue it will feel disingenuous. Remember, you’re having a
conversation with another human being, not a presidential debate.

Make sense?

OK, the next piece is practice practice practice.
As you practice you’ll refine and perfect your elevator pitch over time.
And there’s never a better time than the present.
So here’s your chance to practice…


Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Richard…
What Do You Do?


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