How To Plant Your Business On Good Ground

How To Plant Your Business

Join me as I walk you through a biblical perspective on business philosophy through Jesus’ parable of the farmer sewing seed. We’ll look at how to cultivate “heirloom seeds” as you learn the Art of Planting Your Business On Good Ground.

The Importance Of A Fan Base

Importance Of A Fan Base

People are the lifeblood of your business. Building relationships with people fosters loyalty. As a result, loyalty has the potential to increase profits. In this infographic we’ll tell you how a fan base can make a real difference and what you can do to nurture it. 27AT8QYAXBFG =)

Network Marketing Training… Your Weakness Is Not Your Technique


Network Marketing Training is like learning kungfu. You must be persistent, ambitious, patient and dedicated to the process. It takes time to do it right. It takes daily practice. And in most cases, when someone does not achieve the results they are looking for with network marketing & mlm, their weakness is not their technique. Rather, it mastering a few disciplines and implementing them over and over.

Pop quiz hotshot, What Do You Do?


One of the most fundamental “money making” skills you could learn as an entrepreneur is the art of the elevator pitch. In this article I’ll show you how to create a compelling elevator pitch to get more leads for free.

Brand Marketing Like Donald Trump: 7 Steps To Kick Ass Branding


In Brand Marketing Like Donald Trump: 7 Steps To Kick Ass Branding, we’ll explore how “the Donald” practices the art of building a brand from the ground up. The Trump Brand is synonymous with success, luxury and being fearless and I’ll show you how he does it.

No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments


No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments is a tale of manipulation, humanity, Jedi mind tricks and the laws of the universe. Join me as we explore the strange world of copywriting and marketing and how you can tap into psychological secrets and use them to do good in the world and add value to the marketplace to become a transformational entrepreneur.

Positive Expectancy: the power of “yet”

Building a Bridge

Positive Expectancy …
In this quick message I want to share with you a simple word: yet.
Yet encompasses the power of positive expectancy and the immense possibilities we have as entrepreneurs. Join me as we explore positive expectancy and the power of “yet”